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Thanks to this program

Get to know

You will visit to the United States and live the American dream.


You will enjoy an amazing summer meeting people from all over the world.

Get better

You will Improve your level of English and have a month off when you finish to travel.

Eligibility requirements for this program

You need to be a student in an official organization of higher education (universities or a professional training center)

Availability of 10 to 12 weeks. The dates are usually between June 15 and September 1.

You must demonstrate an intermediate level of English (depending on your level can apply for different positions)

Be between 18 and 30 years.

Job description


You can combine your daily obligations with all kinds of leisure activities with your work colleagues.


You can opt for positions in water parks, resorts, amusement parks, luxury hotels, restaurants, among others.


Average income of 7 to 8 dollars an hour working from 35 to 40 hours a week. You will have one or two days off a week depending on the type of work. You might opt for a side job as well.

Explore job opportunities to change your life and to meet people who are going to the same destination.


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Independent Program
I have a job or I get it on my own.
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Job offer program
I want you to obtain a job offer for me.
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If I join the program with other friends, can we opt for the same city?

Very employer has different conditions: number of vacancies, positions, availabilities… We cannot guarantee same conditions for every applicant. We must always take into account levels of English and aptitudes.
If you have been selected for an employer you should accept the offer even if your friends have not been selected. If you decide to reject the offer, it will be considered as voluntary retirement and the penalty specified in the Agreement Terms and Conditions of the program and its Annex will be applied to your contract.

However if you have to the job offer from the employer it is possible only before accepting it and within 5 working days of receipt by paying a fine of 280 € to re-activate your profile in our database and be able to perform a possible new connection.

Should we look for our own accommodation?

There are many employers who offer accommodation. In the case that accommodation is not included, we will help you on the process: both us and the employer. Before your departure you will count with a reserved accommodation. Usually, accommodations are shared flats with other participants of the program. This is very important. You also have a phone number available the 24 hours in the United States.

Would I be assigned with the workplace of my preference?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a specific placement. You can sign up with the Employer of your choice to give a personal or telephone interview as long as they have available positions to meet eligibility requirements directly with the company. If you are among the registered applicants, you will have more chances of being able to choose which employer to interview you, but we cannot ensure that the employer choose you in the first place.

Do I need an advanced level of English to participate in the program Work and travel in the USA?

You need to have a level that allows you to communicate in English. You will work in many cases interacting with people whose first and only language is English. The level of English is directly related to the position that each person will apply for.
It is an interview via Skype with an institution recognized by the US government.

In this interview you will be qualified with a score from 1 to 5. It lasts about 20 minutes and to be pass to the next step, the applicant must draw a minimum of 3.5 over 5.

Do not worry because everyone approves. We will help you so you can prepare the interview and seemed to have more level than the one you really have.

I do have an English language certification, but I don’t know how valid it might be. Would this be enough or I have to validate it in some way?

To prove your level of English, an interview via Skype with an institution recognized by the US government would be sufficient. After this step you will receive a score from 1 to 5. To participate in the program must draw a minimum of 3.5. Do not worry because almost everyone passes. In addition we tell you the questions that you usually do so that you may prepare and appear to have a higher level.

Which are the positions available?

The works are very diverse, the most common places are water parks, waiters at resorts, amusement parks, luxury hotels, parks, restaurants, parks, etc. The job positions are conditioned to meet with your English level but you can find anything from receptionist, leisure time monitor, waiters, busboys, rescuer - lifeguard, controller at an amusement park, kitchen assistant, among others.
The general conditions of work are as follows:

• Salaries 7 to 8 dollars per hour.
• Working 40 to 45 hours per week.
• You can opt for a side job as well.
• You have two days off a week.

The conditions and states of work are conditioned by the employer. You will be previously informed of the options available, so you can choose the employers of your preference.

Would I live to the to the United States with a job position settled?

Yes, you will live with a signed and sealed employment contract. This document is necessary to initiate other procedures.

What does the money invested includes?

The program includes:

• Employment contract with an American employer.
• Work permit DS2019.
• Medical insurance and civil liability.
• Official certificate of participation.
• Briefing on the program in Spain.
• Assistance in completing documents to be delivered to the US embassy.
• Online orientation session before departure.
• Assistance 24h in the US with an emergency telephone.

The program does not include:

• Flight ticket to the city
• SEVIS fee (30 €)
• American Embassy fees in Madrid (160 euros)

With the money you will earn you will cover all expenses. The initial investment, the return flight, stay and all your necessities while there. Also, you will have an extra amount to travel around once you finish on your placement.


The most required availability is around the second and third week of June to late August and early September. Those are the dates when the positions start their operations.

Unfortunately, the dates cannot be chosen by the applicant as they are settled before for the main company on each position. The applicant might verify before the dates that suit them best. Still, you will usually be required on the referred period.

Some applicants might chose to extend their stay as the official period for the working visa expires.

What happens if the dates match my university tests?

Teachers are often quite sympathetic to these situations as they support students so that they can live this type of experience. "In 98% of cases the test dates forward". Keep in mind that you are proposing that you forward a test with 6 months in advance.

Even dates for the graduation thesis presentation are able to be moved from the original date as past cases have proved.

Would the money be reimbursed in the case of not receiving a job offer?

Mostly, every investment is to be reimbursed. The points are described in the Conditions to Aplly to the Let’s Live USA Program. In every way, you would many opportunities for interviews until you receive an offer, as we have seen in past cases. This main purpose of the job interview is to verify the applicant’s English level and allocate them in the most adequate position.

If the interview period has officially end, the investment would apply for the next year process.

Would the money be reimbursed in case of incompatibility of dates?

As is described in the application contract, if you decide to put an end on the process you will be reimbursed with a proportion of the payment.

How is the selection process?

It is a Skype interview that usually lasts between 20 and 25 minutes. You do not have to worry about it. Let's Live USA will give an orientation in order to prepare you for the interview with the employer. This is not mandatory, but will explain better how to answer certain questions that they usually ask, how to behave in the interview, how to dress… It is also interesting to navigate on the website of the employer to know the company.

If you are not selected, you still have the chance to continue in the selection process with other employers and other interviews.

What destinations are available?

The destinations are different every year, but for example last year we had destinations like Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Newjersey, San Francisco, Hawaii, among others.

What are the requirements to participate?

• You need to be an official student organization of higher education (universities, higher grade modules)

• You must demonstrate an intermediate level of English (Depending on your level can apply for different posts or other)

• Availability of 10 to 12 weeks. The dates are usually between June 15 and September 1.

• Younger than 28 years.

Could you explain what is this program about?

It is a cultural exchange program organized by the US government in summer and involved students from around the world. We will seek a job offer for you and you receive a signed contract and the official documentation. With the money you earn you can afford to spend the summer in the US without spending money. As you earn more money than you need you can afford the flight, the initial investment and rates, usually you have money left over for travel in September.

What are the steps to enroll?

The first step is to fill in a booking form sent previously to your email.

Places are limited and preference is in order of registration. Besides moment the process does not involve any other payment.

The moment you sign up, you are assigned a personal advisor who will inform you of the different steps that must be taken. Therefore, we include here, attached, a schedule for your information.

May I enroll in the program during my last summer of school, once I have finished with my career?

Yes, is possible. As you have been enrolled during that school year, there would be no problems in carrying out this program during this period.

How much does the accommodation usually? On the issue of accommodation, you can choose the people with whom you are going to live, that is, could live with a friend although this work for another company?

About $ 300, (Zoom). Of course, that is open. You decide with whom you are living with. It is important that in the process, you mention that it is important for you and we would select an employer that will suit your needs.

Should be there someone to help us with anything that might happen there, a supervisor or something?

You will have access to a number that is available 24 hours for anything you might need. That phone number is from a person from the USA institution that you will hear about in our information sessions. Before you leave Spain you will have all the information.
You also have direct contact with the employer who is the company that hires you. To see them every day and help you in whatever is necessary.

In the case I am selected, would I be able to cancel my subscription? Would any money be reimbursed?

Yes, you can refuse but depending on the stage of the process where you are, you get back a proportion of the investment.

After the English level test making the English level test and before the first payment, a contract with all conditions and return policy is signed. Depending on the conditions you will be reimbursed.

In the case that I’m not finding myself adjusted in the US do I have to wait until September to return or could do before?

You don’t have any obligation to stay, as in any job, you can quit if conditions do not convince you. What is recommended in these cases it is to talk to us to see if we can solve your discomfort but still, you could always come back when you want.

Am I going to approve the J-1 Visa safely?

Let's Live USA cannot guarantee visa approval. It does not have to be problem if the requirements are met but this process depends on the consular section of the US Embassy.

When do I have to pay the initial investment?

The initial investment should be paid in different stages. Depending on the phases met on the process, a different amount would be paid. In the attached schedule you will find the approximate dates of payments.

You have questions? Contact us.

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I want a personal advisor to the whole process. This option is for those who want a support during the process. Once you have signed up to the program, our personal advisers will call you to explain which will be different steps you have to take to spend this summer in the United States. Also you will have on your disposition the video courses you will need to consult what to do at all times. The main advantage is that you will be assigned to a personal adviser and phone number you can call to ask the questions you have in the process.

Job Offer program
What includes does this include?
  • Your personal advisor will call you and explain the steps of the process
  • Telephone support by your personal advisor throughout the process
  • Tutorials for every step of the process
  • Email support
  • We evaluate and accredit your English
  • You get a job in the USA
  • Obtaining the DS2019
  • Medical Insurance and liability
  • Search and obtaining accommodation
  • Briefing Program
  • Assistance 24h in the US with an emergency telephone
  • What is not included?
  • Flight ticket to the city
  • SEVIS fee (30 €)
  • American Embassy fees (160 euros)
  • * Limited places
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    If you already have a job offer in the United States, this is for you!

    There are two ways to get a job offer on your own:

    • You have already been enrolled in this program other year: This is the most common option. Participants who lived this experience in a previous year and received a job offer from his former employer.
    • Getting a job from Spain: This option a more difficult but possible option. Contact us letting us know you are interested in this option and we will send you a complete guide to get an offer in the United States.

    In both options, you will need an agency recognized by the US Government which will help you to get your visa and work there legally.

    We are here to help you in the whole process and give you the best price!


    Independent Program
    What includes does this include?
  • DS 2019: Allows you to legally work
  • Medical insurance and liability
  • Information Program: online sessions - and physical in some cities-
  • Tutorials and procedures to handle the official paperwork
  • Help from our costumer service personnel to help throughout the process online
  • Online session days before your departures to discuss the details of your travel, what to expect and the next steps once you arrive in the USA
  • 24 hour assistance in the USA
  • What is not included?
  • Airplane tickets
  • SEVIS fee (30 euros)
  • American Embassy rate (160 euros)
  • * Limited places
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    Meet Tristan
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    Our places are limited! Click here and reserve your place

    Is there an economical issue to obtain the initial investment?

    Thanks to our agreements with financial institutions:

    You can get a loan and pay it in easy installments at an interest rate of 0%.

    You can start paying the seventh month, when you're already working in the US.

    We have a privileged agreement with financial institutions. We offer excellent conditions.

    You have questions? Contact us.

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