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Let’s Live USA is an organization made for Young people who love traveling and meeting other cultures. We believe the only real way to meet the culture of another country is living there for a while. It’s an experience that allows you to expand your horizons, changes the way you see the world. One person leaves and another different comes back home.

We love USA, the world’s leading power and the land of opportunity. Here you can achieve anything you put in your mind. We are convinced you are going to love it too.

We are young men and women who have worked in the United States and helped worldwide people finding a job in the USA since 2012, allowing you to live your own American dream.

We have already helped more than 500 people to find a job in the United States and we are more than willing to help you too. We are not consultants, we are your friends and a travel companion. You can always count on us for anything you need.

We have more than 100 partners that allows us to offer you the best option. Professionalism, passion and eagerness to improve are the principles that characterizes us. We are in permanent touch with you before, during and after your experience in United States. We take advantage of the technology to allow you to enjoy the most of this unique experience. You will be able to meet people who’s going to the same destination from the same origin country, learn more about the place you go and all the fun things to do.

Thanks to the cooperation with the American organizations ant the use of the technology we can offer the cheapest prices in the market. You don’t have to worry about anything. The price you are paying at the beginning is an investment you will recover once you are there working.

Think no longer and take the first step to build your own American dream.