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Do you have a company that helps manage visas? Do you help businesses find employees? ¿Travel blog or any other institution or related company?

We want to help you find customers and build a successful partnership.

We are an Internet company specialized in work programs for young people. We are having one of the highest growth in the sector in recent years. We have computer software that facilitates the management and give them a lot of information to customers.

Our goal is to create mutually beneficial and durable partnership. We are very demanding with ourselves to meet high expectations.

If you see the world like us and think we can build a successful business relationship, please contact us. We are open to any joint collaboration.

The collaborations that we usually have are:

-Suppliers and strategic partners:
Thanks to our software development customers can see all your services online through pictures and relevant content, jobs information, accommodation, leisure plans, flight… Another important thing is that customers who have enjoyed such services may be a reference for future customers. This site has many other features that improves the customer experience. Groups to meet their fellow employees, home exchange to travel and meet other people, marketing of specialized content, etc.

Our customers are mainly the Spanish market that has a dimension of 442 million. Besides help you find responsible workers, have the advantage that they are bilingual and can serve in their jobs in several languages.

-Ability to diversify the business model:

You have a company whose strength is a service or more, but want to increase your income? Contact us! We can surely help you. Increasing margins by attracting new customers or offering complementary services to travelers sent to your area of ​​operation.

 -Marketing Set:

We are a company with a strong presence on the Internet, we can help to have much more scope. Anything you can think of we are thrilled y to study the collaboration.