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¡Las plazas son limitadas!

Introduce tus datos y solicita información o haz la pre-reserva.

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Thanks to this program

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You can live the American dream completely free. The accommodation and food are included.


You will enjoy nature, you will organize games with children and will share your time with other monitors.

Get better

You'll improve your English and if you want you will have a month off when you finish to travel.

Eligibility requirements for this program

Be between 18 and 50 years

Intermediate level of English

Availability between mid-June and late August

Experience in working with children (camps, schools, volunteering, etc)

Be loving, proactive, responsible, energetic and fun.

You have available is valued in any skill or mastery of a sport (tennis, water sports, arts, crafts, photography, hiking, etc)

Characteristics of jobs

Camp USA

There's sports camps, mountain, etc. Your job as a monitor is very simple, supervisarás children, activities, etc. Your main mission is to have fun and be safe.


You'll have a contract between 8 and 10 weeks. Your salary will be about $ 2000 for the stay. The accommodation and food are included.


If you want when you're done you can travel by the United States with all the new friends you've made in the camp.

Nuestros campamentos te pagaran unos 2000 dólares con alojamiento y comida gratis


Camp USA
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Are there any guarantees that I go to hire?

No, unlike the working holiday in which you garatizamos you will receive an offer. Camp USA we can not guarantee 100% you are going to receive a job offer, this condition in good time with that you complete your profile and if they fit the camps that offer jobs.

Do I have to be a student to be camping monitor?

No need to be a student if you want to join the staff of the camp; but not if you want to be monitor.

Is there a minimum age to participate in the program?

Yes, you have to have 18 years to get the visa that allows you to work in the US.

Why work in a summer camp is the perfect opportunity for students?

A job in a Camp is a great opportunity for summer job as it is a short-term contract during your vacation. You will work abroad and have the option of traveling after the camp ends. It provides excellent work experience for future careers related to children, such as Education and Sports and Leisure.

Related to the program and documentation to be submitted

Can I go to camp with a friend?

This is something we can not guarantee.

When starting the camps?

The camps have different start dates. Usually begin during the month of June.

Do I need experience working with children?

No, it is not a requirement. It is a plus to have worked with children previously, but you can start here to get this experience.

How long will it take to complete my profile?

It depends on how afternoons to write the information and prepare documentation. Please first apply the necessary documents and the time the grant be completing your profile on the platform.

How I can improve my profile?

There are many tips, ideas and ways to improve this through the guides on the application. Remember that this is your CV online so make sure it's as good as it can be.

How do I know if I have been accepted?

We'll let you know at the end of your interview if you have been accepted into the program.

Can I find a camp myself?

Often this can be a difficult, boring and tedious process, so do not recommend it. The camps use organisms like us for a reason. In case you have already previously participated in the program and have some camp you would like to contact you back, let us know.

I can not commit to work nine weeks in camp. Can I apply for the program?

We have some fields that are less than 9 weeks, but this limits your possibilities.

How does the placement process work?

Once you authorize your application, the institution of the United States will take care of your placement. They will look based on your needs and your profile camp.

I have been selected what happens now?

!! Congratulations!! We'll send you an e-mail or call you personally to explain the next step of the process.

Are you including flights?

No. The cost of flights will not included in the program price.

What if I have a problem while I am in the United States?

In case you have a problem, contact the hotline 24 hours in the United States that provide you.

What kind of camps are there?

We work with a variety of camps, there are sports camps, music camps, games, Christian camps, etc.

How many free days will I have?

Each camp is an individual case, but all provide free long days and rest.

Meals and drinks are included?

Yes, during your stay you will have 3 meals a day and all the drinks you want.

I'm medicating. Can I take my medication at camp?

Of course. It is important to bring medication for your entire stay and a prescription from your doctor.

How is the accommodation in the camp?

The accommodations are beautiful and comfortable. Usually you hospedarás in cabins or dormitories.

How long I can travel once camp ends?

You can travel for 30 days once finished the camp before returning home.

What are the best ways to travel?

There are many! We can help you organize cheap travel by different states.

What is the DS2019?

The DS2019 is your work permit, a document that we sent you so you can get your visa.

I need help with my DS-160

It is a long and detailed questionnaire. It is important to complete it correctly. We have a guide to help you fill it smoothly.

What is the SEVIS ID?

It is the number that is assigned to each participant who registers in the Exchange Visitor Program US.

Do I need an ESTA?

No, an ESTA is for tourists. You will have a J-1 visa, which allows you to work in the United States.

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If you like to spend time with children, outdoors and enjoy nature, this is your program! Also when you finish your work you can travel and see the country.

It is very important that you complete your profile as soon as possible and assure that is attractive to employers. When the procedures are finished you will have access to a database so the employers can see your profile and send offers to you.

Camp Services USA
What includes does this include?
  • Initial phone call in which we explain how the process works.
  • Tutorial with instructions and tips for completing your profile
  • Work for 8 to 10 weeks in a USA Camp.
  • Help with visa documentation (J1)
  • Accommodation and food are included
  • Medical insurance and liability
  • Assistance 24 hours in the USA
  • Availability of 30 days when you finish to travel
  • What is not included?
  • Airplane tickets
  • SEVIS fee ($ 35)
  • Expenses and management issue visa at the US Embassy ($ 160)
  • * Limited places

    Our places are limited! Click here and reserve your place

    ¡The Accommodation and food are included!

    -With the money you'll get at work you will cover all expenses.

    Is there an economical issue to obtain the initial investment?

    With our agreements with financial institutions you can get a loan:

    To pay it easy installments to an interest rate of 0%.

    You have 6-month grace period. You can start paying the seventh month and already be working in the US.

    You have questions? Contact us.

    More info
    Press play and watch Lucia’s experience in California thanks to Let’s Live USA.
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    Carla en Orlando (Florida)

    Raquel en Valencia (California)

    ¡4 meses en EEUU da para mucho!

    Trabajaba alquilando motos de agua en Hawaii, era como vivir en una postal.

    Lucia trabajo como monitora de Campamento en Montecito

    Lucia Reina estuvo trabajando en el programa Camp USA como Group Lider con niños de 4, 5 años en un campamento llamado Montecito en California. El

    Carlos y Juanan nos cuentan su experiencia en Hawaii